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Air Fryer LEACCO AF103

Air Fryer LEACCO  AF103
Air Fryer LEACCO AF103

Air Fryer LEACCO AF103

With Air Fryer Leacco AF103 cooking will become a real pleasure. It uses hot air, so that the prepared dishes are not only tasty, but also healthy. It allows you to choose from 10 modes, and its capacity is as much as 12 liters. It allows you to adjust the cooking time and temperature in the range of 30°C-200°C. The built-in display will make it easy for you to operate the device. This is an ideal tool for all cooking enthusiasts, both experienced cooks and novice culinary enthusiasts.


Healthy and tasty

Air Fryer will not only make your favorite dishes even tastier, but also healthier than ever before. Thanks to its advanced hot air circulation technology, you can enjoy flavorful dishes without using a lot of fat. The appliance evenly distributes heat around the food, creating a perfectly crispy crust on the outside while keeping the interior juicy and flavorful.


Get carried away with your culinary frenzy

The AF103 offers up to 10 different cooking modes, and comes with a variety of useful accessories to help you prepare a variety of dishes. Bake tasty cakes, grill juicy meat, fry crispy fries, prepare healthy vegetables, dry fruits and much more. Try all 10 modes of the Air Fryer and discover new culinary possibilities!


Convenient operation - thoughtful design

Cooking has never been so enjoyable and convenient! Air Fryer is equipped with a large window that will allow you to control the cooking process without having to open the lid. Its capacity is as much as 12 liters, so you can easily prepare a tasty dinner for the whole family. For even more convenience, the device has a built-in LED display, with which you can manually adjust the temperature and cooking time, as well as choose from the available modes.



  • air fryer
  • tray
  • drip tray
  • instruction manual
Capacity12 l
Rated voltage220-240V
Rated frequency50/60 Hz
Rated power1800W
Weight5.44 kg
Dimensions315 x 340 x 370 mm
  • Διαθεσιμότητα: ΔΙΑΘΕΣΙΜΟ (10-30 ΗΜΕΡΕΣ)
  • Κωδικός Προϊόντος: IN-AF103
  • MPN: AF103
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