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APEXEL 36X camera lens APL-36XJJ020 with tripod (black)

APEXEL 36X camera lens APL-36XJJ020 with tripod (black)
APEXEL 36X camera lens APL-36XJJ020 with tripod (black)

APEXEL 36X camera lens APL-36XJJ020 with tripod (black)

The Apexel APL-36XJJ020 is a telescopic smartphone lens that provides incredible magnification, allowing you to capture the finest details from a distance. It also comes with a sturdy metal tripod to ensure stability when shooting and filming.

Exceptional magnification

With the telescopic lens, you can easily capture distant objects with unprecedented accuracy and clarity. This is ideal for nature, sports and all kinds of landscape photography, where every detail counts.

Adjustable tripod

The height of the included tripod can be adjusted in the range of 22 / 22.5 / 27.5 cm, which allows you to precisely adjust the position of the camera to the shooting conditions. The metal construction ensures stability even in harsh conditions, and rubber anti-slip pads further protect against accidental shifting. In addition, the ball joint allows the accessory to rotate 360° and adjust its angle up to 90°.

Versatility and compatibility

The APL-36XJJ020 is compatible with most smartphones on the market, both iOS and Android. The universal mount allows you to easily attach your phone (with a width of 66mm to 95mm), and an additional cold shoe adapter allows you to mount additional equipment such as a microphone or LED light.

High quality workmanship

The lens is made of high-quality materials, making it durable and resistant to damage. The aluminum body makes it lightweight, while protecting the optics from external factors, while the multilayer coating and the 36mm large aperture lens guarantee the highest image quality, improving light transmission, perfectly reproducing colors and preventing distortion.

Easy to mount and operate

Mounting the lens and tripod is extremely simple and intuitive. Thanks to precise instructions, any user, regardless of experience, will be able to quickly and efficiently prepare the equipment for operation. In addition, the lens is equipped with an adjustable focus ring, making it easy to adjust the focus to individual needs.

Versatile application

This telescopic lens is perfect for a variety of applications, from nature and sports photography to live event documentation. Thanks to the stable tripod, even prolonged photography sessions become comfortable and efficient, ensuring professional results. The accessory can also be used as a monocular - just combine it with the included eye cap.


Tripod height22-27,5 cm
  • Διαθεσιμότητα: ΔΙΑΘΕΣΙΜΟ (10-30 ΗΜΕΡΕΣ)
  • Κωδικός Προϊόντος: IN-APL-36XJJ020
  • MPN: APL-36XJJ020
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