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Baseus 0.3mm Screen Protector (2pcs pack) for iPhone X/XS/11 Pro 5.8inch

Baseus 0.3mm Screen Protector (2pcs pack) for iPhone X/XS/11 Pro 5.8inch
Baseus 0.3mm Screen Protector (2pcs pack) for iPhone X/XS/11 Pro 5.8inch

Baseus 0.3mm Tempered Glass for iPhone X / XS / 11 Pro (2 pcs.)

Take care of the safety of your smartphone. Tempered glass by Baseus is distinguished by a thickness of only 0.3mm and is extremely durable. It will perfectly protect your phone screen. It fits perfectly to iPhone X, XS and 11 Pro, does not affect the comfort of use and is very easy to install. Moreover, the special filter will help you protect your privacy.

Impressive durability

Baseus tempered glass will reliably protect your iPhone screen. It will provide him with resistance to impacts and scratches. You no longer have to worry if your phone falls down or you accidentally put it in your pocket with your keys! What is important, each product has been rigorously tested to confirm its high quality. Bet on proven solutions and be sure that your smartphone is properly protected!

Made for your iPhone

The accessory is designed specifically for the iPhone X, XS and 11 Pro. The glass fits perfectly on the screen of your smartphone, and its edges are rounded and do not stand out. In addition, the built-in cover protects the microphone and speakers from dust. The accessory also does not affect the quality of the displayed image in any way, and the frameless design provides a wide field of view.

Comfort of use

In the kit, you'll find an easy-to-use tool to help you install the accessory. Don't worry about gluing it crookedly or seeing air bubbles under it! The glass also has a special coating that will protect it from fingerprints and make it easy to clean. The accessory also provides eye protection - even during prolonged use. When it's mounted, you can also use the face ID function without any problems.

For your privacy

Gain confidence that no unwanted person will suspect what you are doing on your phone. Tempered glass with a tinted filter makes the image on your smartphone screen visible only at an angle of up to 28°. While you will see everything perfectly, the people next to you will only see a dark display!

In the box

  • Tempered glass x2
  • Screen cleaning package
  • Installation tool
CompatibilityiPhone X / XS / 11 Pro
  • Διαθεσιμότητα: ΔΙΑΘΕΣΙΜΟ (10-30 ΗΜΕΡΕΣ)
  • Κωδικός Προϊόντος: IN-SGBL060402
  • MPN: SGBL060402
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