Baseus Transmitter FM Bluetooth MP3 - 2xUSB - 2A charger (CCF40-01) Black
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Baseus Transmitter FM Bluetooth MP3 - 2xUSB - 2A charger (CCF40-01) Black

Baseus Transmitter FM Bluetooth MP3 - 2xUSB - 2A charger (CCF40-01) Black
Baseus Transmitter FM Bluetooth MP3 - 2xUSB - 2A charger (CCF40-01) Black

AUX Digital Display Wireless Charging
Lossless sound effects, large screen display

High-definition Music Decoding, Enjoy Pleasant Driving with Surging Music
Ergonomic dial wheel. plug and play.make driving easier and the journey more wonderful

Electroplated Dial Wheel - One-key answer/playback
One-key-hands-free-answering makes driving safer

Hardcore Wireless 5.0 - Stability without disconnections
Connected in one second, the response speed is increased by 95%, makes music/calls smooth without any delay

Intelligent Digital Display - Real-time Voltage Monitoring
Battery voltage monitoring, always keeps the safe state of the car in mind

3A Intelligent Quick Charge
Dual USB intelligent charging with total output of 3A, perfect charging experience for driver and co-driver seats

Universal for 12V/24V Car Models
Wide voltage input. suitable for most car models

Automatic Reconnection Power-off Memory Playback
Power on and connect automatically, without re-tuning the frequency, more convenient for playback

AUX/Flash Disk/Wireless Enjoy Music Freely
Compatible with multiple audio formats such as MP3/APE/FLAC/WAV and so on, also supports voice calls from WeChat, OO, etc

Never Stop Charging Despite of Strong Shock and Bumpy Roads
Increased snap area and lengthened anti-skid domes on both sides are designed to hold the device firmly even on bumpy mountain roads

AUX Linear Playback - Impressive Sound Quality without Noise
An AUX audio cable is provided to be directly connected to the car audio to avoid signal interference, without adjusting FM frequency, thus allowing you to enjoy the HD and lossless sound quality


  • Brand: Baseus
  • Model:F40
  • Display: 0.9 inch white LED digital display
  • Input voltage: DC 12-24V
  • USB charging port output: 5V-2A
  • Multi-function port output: 5V-1A
  • Total output power: 15W (Max)
  • FM transmission frequency: 76-1 OSM Hz
  • FM transmission distance: up to 5m
  • Wireless version: version 5.0, compatible with 4.1/4.0/2.1 + edr
  • Wireless distance: ~10m
  • External storage capacity: U disk (64GB MAX)
  • Music format: MP3/ APE/ FLAC/ WAV
  • Size: 95mm x 48mm x 45mm
  • Aux audio cable: 60cm
  • Weight: 36g
  • Διαθεσιμότητα: 10 - 30 ημέρες
  • Κωδικός Προϊόντος: TT-TRANS0015
  • MPN: TRANS0015
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