Car Holder Universal 4smarts για Smartphones Black

-51% Car Holder Universal 4smarts για Smartphones Black

Compact and safe car phone holder with suction cup. Pinch the phone quick and easy with one hand.


  • Super compact - therefore easy to store if not in use
  • Powerful suction mount for all smooth surfaces
  • Ball-joint for adjustment of viewing angle and 360 degrees rotation
  • Secure suction lock
  • Robust and reliable
  • For devices with a width ofup to 85 mm

The most compact Car Suction Cup Mountespecially for mobile phones and GPS navigation.
With a pull-out width of up to 8.5 cm also largersmartphones find a comfortably position and secure grip.

Secure and firm grip even with protective cover on the phone. Compact design gives you quick access to all needed handset controls.

The 360 degree rotating bracket allowsas dashcam.

Package contains:

  • 4smartsUniversal car holder for mobile phones or GPS devices

Compatible with devices with a width of 55 to 85mm and a maximum depth of 15 mm.


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